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1. Schedule an Appointment with a Designer

Our homes start from scratch with your ideas, making your plan completely unique and customized.

2. Get Inspired!

Before meeting with a draftsman, visit our "Albums" page, Facebook,

or Pinterest to get a baseline on what styles and elements speak to you.

3. Make a List!

During the meeting, we will ask you for more specific information about what you would like in your home. Having a list gives us a great starting point!


    • Square footage? Do you have a lot purchased?

    • How many beds/baths? On which floors?

    • High ceilings? Open concept? Large kitchen & living area?

4. Revise Conceptual Drawings

After your first meeting with a draftsman, we will start designing your home. We will be in contact frequently and make revisions accordingly.

5. Final Drawings

After the plan is exactly the way you want, we move into the final drawing phase. This drawing is what the builder, city, bank, etc. will receive.

6. The Building Process

You're breaking ground! We work with you and your contractor throughout the entire building process, and also deliver materials to your home when you need them.

Now you can start finalizing the interior/exterior details. Our kitchen designers and product specialists can help you bring your dream home to life with cabinetry & countertops, doors, trim, custom pieces and more!


Building can be a complicated process, especially when it's a custom home. Thinking about building a new home? Maybe you don't know where to begin or need a contractor? Let us help simplify this process. From design services and materials to cabinetry and custom woodshop pieces, we work with you from start to finish!

1. Where do you work?

We typically work in the Quad Cities but have done many homes over an hour away from our store location. Where we go is dependent on the customer and where they decide to purchase a lot. Some subdivision developments also only allow certain builders, which may be something to consider when looking for a lot. 

2. I am looking for a builder, can you help? 

Absolutely! We work with many well-known and experienced contractors in the area. Whether you are building a new home or need a remodeling contractor, we will help set you up with the right contractor for your project. We recommend choosing a builder who gives you a thorough and detailed estimate so you avoid unexpected costs that may not have been included in other bids. 

3. Do you have any existing plans for purchase? 

We do not have any pre-drawn plans for purchase. Our homes start from scratch each and every time, making your home completely original and customized according to your ideas and needs. 

4. Do you design and sell only the plans? 

As you may be aware based on the name, our business is primarily a lumberyard/wood-based building materials supplier - although design is complimentary service for our customers with the purchase of materials. Our goal is to design quality custom homes tailored to each and every client, but also provide and supply the materials for these projects as we design these structures according to our grades of lumber and materials. 

If you are looking for quality, outstanding service and industry expertise, you have found the right place! We look forward to working with you.

5. Do you offer building packages? 

Yes, with the purchase of the building materials for your home, design is a complimentary service of this package. Our materials include the framing lumber, trusses, cabinets & countertops, windows, interior and exterior doors, and millwork.

6. I'm considering doing a project. Can you give me a ballpark estimate on what this would cost? 

If you are thinking about building or remodeling, we will likely recommend a general contractor who can give you a ballpark estimate. The reason for this is because we only work with a portion of the factors involved in the building process (we do not do drywall, plumbing, electrical, roofing, flooring, etc.) and would only be able to give you an estimate on just our own products and services based on the approximate square footage. If you need a general contractor, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction based on your project's details. 

7. What price range of homes do you work with? 

We do all sizes of homes, from entry-level to multi-million dollar. Our average price range could be considered $250,000 - $3.5 million. 

8. How long does it take to build my custom home? 

Depending on the complexity of the home, the time frame will vary. We strive for homes to be finished around 7 months from the start of construction to the end product, but also have homes that take multiple years to complete.

9. Will I ever pay more than my original estimate
on materials?

The price of your materials will not exceed the original estimate unless you choose to upgrade.

10. What about energy efficiency? 

After we design a home, we run the plan through a government-regulated program, making sure your home meets current energy requirements. Some builders will also do more during the building process to enhance energy-efficiency. 

11. How do you compare to big box stores?

Eldridge Lumberyard has always been centered around quality and service. We may not compare to big box stores on price, but we stand behind our industry expertise and service, as well as the integrity of our products. We want to make your building experience as smooth as possible and believe that quality can save a lot of money in the long term. We also believe excellent service saves money and headache during the building phase, which is why we are in frequent contact with your builder to ensure all goes according to plan, all while delivering materials to your home when the builder needs them. 

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